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Open uri20131230 20918 10f89tv article
God is a Geek

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Now Available On Mac

2K Games today announced that XCOM strategy shooter The Bureau: XCOM Declassified is now available on Macs....

Open uri20131230 20918 10agyrp article
God is a Geek

Grand Theft Auto Online Capture Update Coming Today

Rockstar has announced that Grand Theft Auto Online's Capture mode will be available from today in a free update....

Open uri20131230 20918 d9rk1v article
God is a Geek

Rainbow Six Patriots 'Had To Be Remade' According To Ubisoft

Ubisoft's North American president Laurent Detoc has told IGN that Rainbow Six: Patriots "had to be remade"....

Open uri20131230 20918 ul2o2l article
God is a Geek

Double Helix's Unannounced Next Gen Shooter Revealed

An unannounced project from Killer Instinct devs Double Helix has been uncovered thanks to senior VFX artist Allen Will's LinkedIn page....

Open uri20131230 20918 z6ayz2 article
God is a Geek

UK Chart: FIFA 14 Is Your Christmas Number One

Keeping Call of Duty: Ghosts at bay with 17,000 more sales, FIFA sits atop the Christmas chart for the first time since 2008....

Open uri20131230 20918 ry9b5v article
God is a Geek

Game of the Year 2013: Best Story

This year we've had some affecting tales and monumental efforts, and here's to that continuing....

Open uri20131230 20918 1wfpv91 article
God is a Geek

Games of the Generation: 5 - 1

Our list finally comes to a close with the five best games of the last generation....

Open uri20131230 20918 1a6sls0 article
God is a Geek

Opinion: Storytelling Should Be What This Generation Is Remembered For

All the talking points this passing generation of gaming should be remembered most for is the strides it took as a storytelling medium....

Open uri20131202 20702 hylaui article
God is a Geek

Batman Arkham Origins Gets First Batch Of DLC

Warner Bros have released the first batch of DLC for Batman: Arkham Origins....

Open uri20131202 20702 tgo0kf article
God is a Geek

Uncharted 4 Actor Teases Behind The Scenes Mo-Cap Shots

Uncharted 4 actor Todd Stashwick, who provided the voice over for the game's trailer when it was announced earlier this...

Open uri20131202 20702 1u13jnd article
God is a Geek

Call Of Duty: Ghosts Double XP Weekend Starts Today

To celebrate the launch of next gen consoles, Call of Duty: Ghosts will have a double XP weekend starting this...

Open uri20131202 20702 mvjvyj article
God is a Geek

Microsoft Detail Xbox 360 Black Friday Discounts

Microsoft have detailed a weekend of Black Friday discounts that will mark down several quality titles significantly....

Open uri20131202 20702 26f8i9 article
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UK Charts: FIFA Takes Top Spot As Xbox One Dominates Console Sales (Obviously)

To nobody's surprise the Xbox One Day One edition bundled with FIFA 14 has propelled EA's football title to the...

Open uri20131202 20702 1k3jkv6 article
God is a Geek

PlanetSide 2 Celebrates First Birthday With Anniversary Bundle

Sony are celebrating the first birthday of free-to-play online shooter PlanetSide 2 with a raft of goodies, a community campaign...

Open uri20131202 20702 1t9pr44 article
God is a Geek

The Amazing Spider-Man Out Now On PS Vita

The PS Vita version of The Amazing Spider-Man is finally available....